Friday, October 21, 2011

Excerpt Magazine Launch Party

Excerpt Magazine Launch Party

Excerpt magazine is a free quarterly online publication launching on Tuesday 8 November at Excerpt Magazine is centred on photo-based practice, with an emphasis on original content. Edited in Melbourne and featuring Australian and International artists and creatives, Excerpt Magazine challenges the archetypal magazine structure by constructing new formats.

Editors Amy Marjoram and Kate Robertson met studying at VCA and in launching Excerpt Magazine have utilised the online platform to create a boundless readership.

Joined by Creative Director Laura Gulbin and Project Supporters Lou Hubbard and Louis Porter, the Excerpt team is completely made up of practicing artists. Issue One cover artist is Lucas Blalock (US) with contributors including; Janina Green (AUS), Sanja Pahoki (AUS), Kim Guthrie (AUS), Daniel Palmer (AUS), Heather Lighton (AUS), Zhong Ling (CHN), Paul Knight (AUS works in UK), Alex Kershaw (AUS), & Ann Woo (US).

Excerpt Magazine concentrates on short pieces of text and images that together form a collection of thoughtful insights and exchanges. Within each issue an artist is asked to respond to an interview only through photos, a group of artists anonymous to each other collectively write an essay and invited artists respond visually to the cover image.

Fuelled by the editors want for a magazine that is as creative in itself as in its contents, Excerpt Magazine fills the gap. Co-Founder and Co-Editor Amy Marjoram says, “We are creating an avenue for contributors to provide content they are really interested in, without stylistic parameters. I want this to be important, relevant and fun.”

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