Thursday, August 15, 2013

SUB 12 @ The Substation

SUB 12, 11 July - 25 August 2013
Curator: Will Foster, Selection: Jessica Bridgfoot, Photography: Catherine Evans
SUB12 is supported by Hobsons Bay City Council & Arts Victoria

In its forth year, SUB12 is an annual program of exhibitions that presents newly created work by twelve contemporary artists, with a focus on early-career Victorian-based artists.

In 2013 The Substation is taking a different approach. The six artists selected for the exhibition have each invite another artist to participate. This decision can be seen as: a survey of the current, an invitation for risk, a dissolution of curatorial control, an opportunity for nepotism, a prompt for collaboration or simply placing the exhibition into the hands of many. Expect a radically diverse exhibition.

I was honoured to be selected by Kiron Robinson, a colleague and fellow photographer/installation artist to be included in the exhibition. It was quite a change and a delight to be exhibiting and celebrating with such a young bunch of artists.  There should be more of it.

My Mother’s Fan (2013) 

My Mother’s Fan (2013) Wallpaper,
scanned vintage images both found and from Janina's own archives.

Kiron Robinson & friends at the opening event

@ the SUB 12 opening event
My Mother’s Fan (2013) continues my interest in old photographs, particularly as they are transposed through old printing processes. This work is a meditation on a photograph I took of my mother’s electric fan: an object of luxury to her. I‘d been thinking about her working in factories in Germany as a forced labourer, making parachutes.

Kiron Robinson uses a range of media including neon, video, photography and installation to investigate the idea of doubt and failure as constructive devises. No, no, no (2013) uses sound, image and text to continue this exploration, creating a platform of surety through instability and anxiety. (extract from SUB12 catalogue)
Photography: Catherine Evans - The Substation.

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