Friday, June 14, 2013

Perfect Stranger @ Rae & Bennett

“Travel gives us the promise of redefining ourselves, of shedding our identities and becoming something new and strange. It also holds the allure of the different, the unknown and perhaps slightly dangerous, the exotic locale, the exotic other, nature in its raw state. For previous generations this fantasy of travel was fed by our contact with the pictured image reproduced in books and magazines and encountered in cinema. This collection of images brings together musings on travel with my interest in the myriad of photographic and reproduction processes. Perfect Stranger is a photographic dream: an assemblage of images, bound either by texture or location, seen through screens of differing photographic and printing processes. Some of the images are drawn from ‘The Grampians in Colour’, a picture book from 1972 by Kenneth and Esther Stepnell and some are analogue prints from my archive.” – Janina Green, 2013

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